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Come over the famous Garda lake, to learn secret tips that will help you perform the skills you've always dreamed to have.


We propose you 3 days on the spot with the knowledge of Tim Alongi. Based on the normal acro/siv course, we can adapt the coaching depending on your request and the weather forecast in order to make you progress on different field like hike & fly, ground handling and acro basics.


"For me, each discipline is connected and complementary, which is why I don't stop at just one."

Tim Alongi

Garda Lake

  • Details

    • 3 days on the spot.
    • 3 to 4 flights per day.
    • From beginner to pro pilots.
    • 1200m of altitude over the Lake.
    • Rescue boat.



    • Pre-analyze by Tim Alongi based on your videos (External view or Gopro footage must be send by mail at
    • Safety breifing and rescue check, we recommend to arrive around 06:00pm the day before the course to check the equipement and pack the rescue if needed.
    • Personal and group debrief flight by flight and in front of the video at the end of the day. Each pilot should be equipped with a Gopro for optimal coaching.
    • Optionnal tandem flights.
    • Transport to cable car.
    • X-alps presentation. (on demand)


    Not included 

    • Life vest.
    • Radio.
    • Accommodation & food.
    • Forestry tax.
    • Cable car ticket.
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